Bilfinger GVA

Bilfinger GVA is the UK's largest independent commercial property consultant and has been a LandAid Foundation Partner since 2009. 

Active in all LandAid events, the company has sponsored the LandAid 10K Run for the past 10 years, helping LandAid to raise much needed funds for its charitable projects.

Not only are Bilfinger GVA staff engaged in LandAid fundraising events, they are also providing ongoing pro bono support in the form of a property search to LandAid charity project Venture Trust as they relocate to new premises in Scotland. In addition to this, in February 2014, Bilfinger GVA assisted with a half day workshop to provide ideas on how to develop ‘The Workhouse’, a site owned by LandAid project East End Community Foundation in Poplar, Tower Hamlets.