Redevco Foundation

Redevco is an independent, pan-European real estate investment management company specialised in retail property. 

Their combined portfolio comprises 500 properties at top locations in major cities across Europe. The tenant base includes many major national and multinational retail companies throughout Europe. Their vision is long term investments where quality and sustainability are key. 

Redevco believes that real estate has a direct impact on the quality of the local community and vice versa. For that reason the Redevco Foundation actively participates in communities, especially in those cities where Redevco owns property. It supports LandAid as a Foundation Partner and views the support as not just about giving money, but an active contribution and involvement by Redevco staff.

In 2012-13 the Redevco Foundation co-invested with LandAid to modernise Venture Trust’s residential centre in Applecross, North West Scotland, where young people undertake wilderness courses.  The grant has created an efficient and welcoming base camp for participants.  The Redevco Foundation has also previously provided pro bono support for the Fairbridge Programme in Liverpool (now part of the Prince’s Trust)