Adam's story

At 17, Adam* was homeless, suffering from substance abuse and recovering from being stabbed.

Luckily, Adam found Action Housing – a LandAid-funded project in Rotherham that equips young people with the skills to stay safe and live independently.  

Action Housing helped Adam take positive steps to get his life back on track: they helped him secure temporary housing, worked with him to address his substance misuse, and found opportunities for him to get involved in community activities, away from previous gang involvement.

“I realised you were trying to help…”

The transition wasn’t always easy for Adam. However, the staff were patient and after a lot of support and motivation Adam reached the point where he was able to sustain a tenancy and he moved into a place of his own. His personal motivation increased and he enrolled onto a training course.

Two years on, Adam is in employment which he has maintained over 6 months alongside his new home. He says: “I found it difficult at Action when I first started but I realised you were trying to help. I’m really happy that I’ve got a home and a job and I’ve just bought a brand new sofa – I never thought I’d be able to do that!”

*Adam's name has been changed and a model was used in the photo to protect his anonymity.