young woman

Alice's story

For six long weeks, Alice's home was a bus shelter. 

She'd become homeless after her Dad's girlfriend had moved into the family home; the three of them weren't getting along. 

"I always get a smile..."

Thankfully, Alice found City YMCA London, a LandAid-funded project, where she was given safe, warm place to live and support to help her get things back on track. Alice says: 

"I feel happy when I walk in and see the reception desk, because I always get a smile from whoever is sitting there."

Housing officers supported Alice in looking for a job where she could use her qualifications in administration.

"I'd probably be on the streets..."

Without the support offered by City YMCA, Alice would not have learnt how to live independently, manage her finances and tenancy. She is now on the waiting list to move into a shared house with a support worker. She says:

"I feel lucky. If I wasn’t here I would probably be on the streets doing nothing. I might not have any family to help me but I have people here who do."