Ben's story

Ben came to England from California looking for a fresh start. 

His younger sister had recently died and he and his mum had decided to emigrate. 

Then, Ben's mum died. His life began to spiral out of control. 

'I lost my place'

Ben was made redundant from his job and quickly found himself homeless. He remembers: 

'Everything changed. I lost my place. I became street homeless, you know, begging people for spare change.'

Eventually Ben found a local charity who introduced him to City YMCA London, a project funded by LandAid. They offered him a home and the chance to start afresh.

'Everything's been fantastic'

City YMCA helped Ben with finding a job, opportunities in eduction and even advocating for him. He says:

'Since I got into the hostel everything’s been fantastic. It’s definitely the foundation of getting back up there again.'

Ben has recently secured a paid apprenticeship with Burberry and is now able to start to create a future of his own choosing. Watch Ben tell his story below.

Ben's story: 60 SECOND PROFILE