Gemma and Sophie’s story

Gemma, 20, and her sister Sophie, 17, had a difficult relationship with their mother. Arguments broke out a lot, and eventually this meant their home was no longer safe. They felt they had no choice but to leave.

At first, they were unsure where to go. Gemma was worried about moving into private rented accommodation. She thought they couldn’t afford it and would struggle to find a landlord, having never had a tenancy before.

The sisters approached Giroscope, a LandAid-funded project in Hull, for housing support. This was a life-changing move. Giroscope renovate empty homes to bring them back into use for young people and were able to provide Gemma and Sarah with a recently-refurbished two-bed home.

Gradually, Gemma and Sarah learnt to how to live independently. Giroscope’s Support Workers helped Gemma set up the bills and made sure that the rent was affordable for the sisters, even though they were on low incomes – Gemma was doing an apprenticeship and Sophie was at college.

Since then, they have thrived. Gemma finished her apprenticeship and now works for the same company and Sophie got a job when she finished college. They are hoping to move into a bigger Giroscope property with a garden and Gemma is planning to buy her own home.