42nd Street


Grant: £100,000

The need

Mental ill health can sometimes trigger, or be part of, a chain of events that lead to a young person becoming homeless. 42nd Street works with young people with mental health issues and offers them a range of services including therapy, group work, arts activities and youth leadership to help them achieve their full potential.

The project

Following a 30% increase in demand for 42nd Street's services, LandAid paired up with the Redevco Foundation to fund the refurbishment of an empty three-storey Victorian shop next to 42nd Street's current premises. The funding helped create a new dedicated space for the charity to offer their services to many more young people, along with a more flexible timetable including weekend activities for the first time. 

The impact

The new development offers vulnerable young people a unique arts-based learning programme across all three floors, providing them with an alternative education and the opportunity to express themselves creatively in a safe environment. This helps build their confidence when it comes to seeking further education or employment opportunities, giving them a more secure future. 

Chief Executive of 42nd Street, Simone Spray, said our grant "has opened up the opportunity for us to develop this amazing space. The building will reflect the culture and heritage of its past and the work that takes place in it will give young people an opportunity to take part in experiences that will have a real impact on the way that they view the world and the way that others view their world".