young women decorating room

Canopy Housing


Grant: £80,000

The need

Canopy are working to improve the lives of people who are homeless in some of the most deprived areas in the UK, where incomes and employment are low and many people face barriers to housing and social services. Along with Giroscope, the charity recently won the prestigious World Habitat Award and prides itself on an innovative self-help model which sees future tenants work with local volunteers to renovate their future home.

The project

Our grant will enable Canopy to turn three empty properties in inner city areas of Leeds into decent affordable housing for six young people who are currently homeless, or at risk of becoming so. The young people will participate in painting, decorating and furnishing their new homes - a self-help principle which ensures the tenants feel a sense of ownership and learn practical skills. 

The impact

These three houses are part of a total of 10 empty properties that Canopy plan to renovate over the next two years. As well as protecting young people from homelessness, the project will give young people valuable work experience to enable them to find skilled employment in the future. 

Canopy have focussed the project on two inner city areas, Harehills in East Leeds and Holbeck in South Leeds, in order to maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits that it will bring to local people.

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