Grimsby and Cleethorpes Area Doorstep


The need

Young people in North East Lincolnshire can have a lot to contend with: low incomes, high unemployment and a lack of skills and training opportunities. This level of deprivation makes finding affordable housing a challenge and the thousands of derelict houses sitting empty certainly do not help the situation.

The project

LandAid supports Grimsby and Cleethorpes Area Doorstep, an organisation that helps young victims of deprivation get back on their feet by providing safe accommodation and learning opportunities. In 2012/13, LandAid gave a grant of £25,000 to contribute to the creation of a welcoming learning, meeting and activity space within the charity's centre. 

A second LandAid grant of £130,000 has recently been awarded to the charity's 'Saved and Sound' Empty Homes project which will renovate six properties to create 11 bedrooms for young people in severe housing need, including young parents and their children.

The impact

With 60% of the charity's clients lacking any formal education, training or employment, this new facility will be a key asset to the services Doorstep can offer. Around 750 young local people at risk of homelessness will benefit from better opportunities through the learning space part-funded by LandAid.