Nottinghamshire YMCA


Grant: £129,000

The need

Homeless young people constantly face challenges and bleak prospects. In Nottingham, almost half of these young people are further hampered by a lack of education, employment and training. Nottinghamshire YMCA works with these young people to give them the best possible start in life and provide a safe space for them to develop essential life skills.

The project

We invested in the future of Nottingham’s homeless young people by fully funding the YMCA’s renovation of a building in Nottingham City Centre to become a safe 20 bedroom hostel for 16 to 24 year olds. The hostel provides both emergency and longer term supported accommodation and includes dedicated cooking and training facilities for delivering vocational training in catering.  

The impact

All 20 bedrooms are now completed, along with the training kitchen. Nottinghamshire YMCA say the hostel has enabled them to equip young homeless people with fundamental life skills including budgeting, cooking and employability skills, helping them lead successful, independent lives.

Liam, a young person who spent four months on the streets before finding support at the hostel, described the impact the project had had on his self-confidence and practical skills. He is now in a position to start moving into his own flat and said: “I can clean, I can cook, I’ve paid all my debts. 6 months ago I don’t think I’d have even been able to do this interview. Now I’m happy, I’m living my own life.”