Young man looking sad

Young and Homeless research


Grant: £15K

The Need

Youth homelessness is a huge and dynamic problem. Young people at risk of, and who end up, homeless are often vulnerable with complex needs; without the right support, homelessness can be extremely damaging to their lives and future prospects.

Robust research can give us a clear picture of the issues involved and the provision available, and tell us what works and what doesn’t. This helps us to better understand the root causes of youth homelessness, strengthen support, identify solutions and ultimately improve the lives of young people.

The Project

LandAid teamed up with Comic Relief to fund Homeless Link's sixth Young and Homeless study, which surveys local authorities and support services, interviews young people, and examines case studies.

The project explores the causes and nature of youth homelessness, the available support, and best practice, as well as the challenges faced by the voluntary sector and local authorities. The survey itself, developed in partnership with young people and voluntary sector experts, is the only national annual data set on youth homelessness.

The Impact

The findings of this research will identify the issues that most concern young people who are homeless, be used to inform and influence change in the ways they are supported, and provide critical evidence to inform local and national government responses to help end youth homelessness.