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Brad's story

When Brad’s* mother died, his step-dad forced him and his brother out of the house.

Brad’s brother was thrown out first. Brad recalls:

“He ended up in a bed and breakfast in a horrible dingy room with a broken window”.

Brad continued to live with his father but their relationship got worse and eventually he was thrown out as well. By then, his brother had found a place to stay at Community Campus, a LandAid-funded project, and was able to take Brad in with him.

“I could go into Campus’s office whenever there was a problem…”

With Campus’s help, Brad managed to secure a flat and get his benefits sorted. He was also assigned a support worker who visited him weekly. He recalls:

“I could go to Campus’s office whenever there was a problem or to do activities like cooking or the drop in sessions they ran”.

While this was a challenging time for Brad, he has fond memories of Campus. He particularly remembers the Christmas meal the Campus staff cooked for them all and the games and presents they organised.

“They have been like a family…”

Campus helped build Brad’s confidence, teaching him to take ownership of his life by filling in forms and making important phone calls. Brad says:

“They have been like a family. I can go there if I need someone to talk to and have good relationships with everyone”.

Brad moved out of Campus a year ago into his own housing association property. He has learnt the skills and confidence to live independently, and while his support worker no longer needs to visit, Brad knows he can call on the Campus office anytime he likes.

*Brad’s name has been changed and a model was used in the photo to protect his anonymity.