Naz walking down the street

Naz's story

At the age of 16, Naz left care and went back to live with his mum. But it didn’t work out.

Naz’s mum abandoned him, forcing him to stay in a hostel. However, he found the place uncaring, so decided to leave. He stayed with another organisation, but after four months, they evicted him.

Naz ended up on the streets. He slept on benches, in retail parks, hallways and stairwells. He couldn’t fall asleep without asking himself, ‘what if I don’t wake up in the morning?’

Eventually, he went to the council who referred him to St Basils, a LandAid-funded project. Through their Fair Chance programme, he was offered a place in their new accommodation.

Fair Chance changed Naz’s life. The care and support he was given helped his confidence to grow, and now he is getting ready to move into his own place.

Before Naz found St Basils, his situation was dangerous and his future looked bleak. Now, with their help, he has hope and knows what he wants out of life – a job, his own house, and a family. 

Naz’s Story