MIPIM 2019

If you’re visiting this page because you made a donation to LandAid via a contactless giving point -  thank you. You’ve just supported ending youth homelessness.

MIPIM is one the largest and most successful property events in the world. Here at LandAid, we’re making sure that some of the great charities tackling youth homelessness we support benefit from the event and from the industry’s generosity.

How you can help

You can donate at any number of contactless giving points. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Goodbox to provide state-of-the-art contactless machines at the London Stand (in partnership with Heart of London Business Alliance), the Manchester Stand and the West Midlands Stand.

You can join us at the MIPIM tennis classic. Find out more here.

Where your money is going

Money raised at the London Stand will be split between LandAid and The Connection at-St-Martin-in-the-Fields, Europe’s largest day centre for people who are homeless, find out more about The Connection’s life-changing work here. All the money will be received by LandAid but split 50:50 with all merchant costs generously paid for by Heart of London Business Alliance.

Money raised at the Manchester Stand will go towards providing emergency accommodation for young people who are sleeping rough in the city, with the funds being disbursed by the Bed every night campaign championed by Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and supported by every local authority in Greater Manchester. Massive thanks to Marketing Manchester for covering the merchant costs here, and if you want to find out more about the campaign, click here.

Money raised at the Welcome Event on the West Midlands Stand will go to St Basil’s to support the extraordinary work they do through their Nightstop project. Working in Birmingham, Coventry and Solihull, the St Basil’s team support volunteer hosts in the community to offer a warm and safe place to stay for young people in emergency need of a bed for a couple of night. Fine out more here. And our thanks to the West Midlands Growth Company for covering the costs.

A word about costs

Just as with any giving website, there are costs associated with fundraising. These are kept as low as possible and in every case we’ve ensured that they’re covered by our partners so you can be sure that every tap you make, every pound you give goes to tackling youth homelessness. Our partners are covering the hire costs for the contactless units and the fees per transaction – these are 1.5% + 15p (per transaction).

  • The fees for a £5 donation are 22p (7p + 15p) all paid for by our partners
  • The fees for a £10 donation are 30p (15p + 15p) all paid for by our partners