Active Horizons

COVID-19 has made a traumatic impact on Active Horizons’ community, causing distress to vulnerable young people. Over the last few weeks it has experienced an increase in demand of its services due to a shortage of food and essentials.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £10,000 grant will help deliver emergency food parcels and essentials to young people. It will also pay for volunteer costs, PPE and a remote working facility.

Phase 2

This £19,100 phase two grant will go towards strengthening the organisation’s capacity to meet the new challenges that young people are facing as a result of the pandemic. The funds will contribute to delivering skills and employment support services to young people, therapeutic support, and help to enable the safe re-opening and re-purposing of its community hub with new sanitation and kitchen facilities.

About Active Horizons

Active Horizons is a youth-led charitable organisation set up to foster leadership, promote the voice and engagement of BME young people in London Borough of Bexley.