LandAid and Vodafone digital connectivity partnership

LandAid and Vodafone are working together to tackle digital exclusion through providing connectivity to people experiencing homelessness, with the commitment of 50,000 SIM cards for each of the next 3 years.

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charities.connected is Vodafone’s scheme to tackle digital exclusion through providing connectivity to communities of people who lack access to the digital world.

People who are experiencing homelessness, particularly those between 16-25 years old, are in an extremely vulnerable place and can often find the resources, tools and finances difficult to acquire to keep them digitally connected.

In an ever-changing world where the growing importance of digital connectivity is clear, overlaid with the effects of the current cost-of-living crisis, such support has never been more vital. From finding a job, to remote working, to applying for universal credit or other government support, to staying connected socially, access in getting online is not only a want to have but a must have.

LandAid have been working with Vodafone since August 2022 to ensure that people experiencing homelessness are not overlooked in this space. 

Between August 2022 and March 2023, LandAid and Vodafone gave over 18,000 SIMS to 45 homelessness charities, with an equivalent value of £1,638,090!

Vodafone have ringfenced a further 50,000 SIM cards for homelessness charities for each of the next 3 years through to the end of 2025.

This represents £13.5 million of value to the sector and has the potential to support thousands of people at risk of homelessness maintaining digitally connected.

Each SIM card is loaded with 40GB data a month for 6 months, plus unlimited calls and texts.

Vodafone have also introduced a new discounted tariff only available to people who’ve received an everyone.connected SIM – this tariff costs £5 per month for unlimited calls and texts and 7GB of data. It has been introduced to ensure there is no “cliff edge” where a person loses connectivity because they cannot afford it. Users will be sent a text message towards the end of their 6-month free period when they become eligible for the new tariff.

Are you a homelessness charity who could benefit from free SIM cards?

To enable us to support applications from our charity partners, when submitting your request for SIM cards to Vodafone, please select ‘Other’ under the question “How did you hear about charities.connected?” and enter ‘LandAid’ in the free-text box that appears.

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I have been sofa surfing for a while and have not had enough money to buy food let alone a phone! The YMCA gave me a SIM when I moved in, and I was able to get a second-hand phone with support from my keyworker. This has helped me communicate with the council to set up my benefits, I use it to look for work and stay in touch with people. Thanks Vodafone and LandAid.
Individual supported by homelessness charity, the YMCA Trinity Group