Grant Application and Assessment Process

There are two stages to our grant application process.

Stage one is a brief Expression of Interest form, designed to be quick and easy to fill in. You can find the EOI form linked below. EOI’s are reviewed fortnightly and if successful you will be invited to provide further information in a second stage longer-form application.

The deadlines below are for submission of the full application form, please bear in mind we will generally reply to all EOI’s within three weeks, but definitely within one month. Factor this into your application timings.

Full Application Deadline (midday) Grant Committee Applicants informed by Payments available
6th February 2023 20rd February 2023 6th March 2023 20th March 2023
9th June 2023 6th July 2023 4th August 2023 21 August 2023
4th September 2023 18th September 2023 2nd October 2023 16th October 2023
6th November 2023 20th November 2023 4th December 2023 18th December 2023
5th February 2024 19th February 2024 5th March 2024 19th March 2024

*Successful applicants have 12 months from award date to draw down their grant

Application Information

  • When completing the form, please pay particular reference to the specific fund criteria as well as LandAid’s values, and how we apply these to our grant programmes. We are flexible and try to work with applicants to co-design projects which may not be an exact fit. If you have any questions you can get in touch with our team at
  • We do sporadically run other grant programmes, so please sign up to our mailing list online if you haven’t done so already

After the grant is awarded

We will be in touch with successful applicants with a grant offer letter within two weeks of our grant committee meeting. We will provide full information on payment and reporting processes and very much look forward to seeing your project take shape!

Expression of Interest

Each programme has a two-stage application process, with Expressions of Interest welcomed from charities

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We are committed to open and trusting grant-making

LandAid is one of over 90 funders who have signed up to eight commitments to adopt simpler, more flexible practices that make life easier for those they fund.