Avenues Youth Project, Kensal Town, London

The advice we received from JLL has led our charity to target our energy saving efforts and we anticipate that measures we have already taken will save us £2000 a year.  We are now discussing the possibility of installing a solar photovoltaic array on our roof with a local clean energy group and are advised that this would reduce our bills by a further £3000 a year.  We are grateful to LandAid and JLL for the expert advice.

Fabian Sharp, Director, Avenues Youth Project


A pro bono energy review from JLL has enabled the Avenues Youth Project to make significant savings to energy costs.

The Avenues Youth Project was set up in 1979 to provide after-school activities for disadvantaged children and young people in North Westminster, London.  The charity enable young people to challenge the personal, social and educational disadvantages they face and lead positive, creative and fulfilled lives. Through the various programs and activities the charity support young people to contribute to the communities of which they are part.  LandAid provided a grant of £50,000 in 2014 to the Avenues Youth Project towards the refurbishment of their centre.

JLL provided the charity with a pro bono energy review of their building.  They looked at the practical steps Avenues could take to save on the costs of operating their building and improve user satisfaction.  The charity was particularly interested in having some expert advice on the possibilities of more energy efficient lighting, as the building was designed some years before current standards.

Lee Cleeton from JLL’s Upstream Sustainability Services visited the charity and assessed how the building was being managed and maintained, how the roof, floor slabs, walls, windows, and doors were working and at the current performance of the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting.  His report identified areas where there was the potential to conserve energy, the costs of making these improvements and over what time period the initial outlay would be repaid by the energy savings made, in order for the charity to assess their viability.  With these recommendations Avenues Youth Project could make savings to their annual energy consumption of over 40%.