COVID-19 has hit Barnardo’s extremely hard. Many of its young people were previously relying on reduced price supermarket food which is now unavailable, or food banks who are struggling for supplies. Barnardo's education and training support helps its young people out of unemployment and poverty, but due to COVID-19 this must now be delivered digitally.  

LandAid’s £8,600 grant will provide weekly food vouchers for young people who are struggling to get essential items such as food and toiletries. This grant will also provide 30 tablets and 70 data packages to ensure their service plans are delivered over the next three months.

About Barnardo’s

Barnardo’s has protected, supported and nurtured vulnerable children and families across the UK for over 150 years. It aims to give them the safe, happy childhood that all children deserve, regardless of the challenges they face and the traumatic experiences they may have gone through.