Barnardo's Scotland

Due to COVID-19, it has been unsafe for young people to move into their homes. Barnardo’s Scotland has seen an increase in self-harm, hospital admissions. Young people have been reported to the police for breaking restrictions, although this is mainly due to suffering from crippling social isolation and anxiety.

LandAid’s grant of £3,125 will help cover the cost of relief funds for 77 households for young people. This includes money for utility bills, food, and new clothing.

About Barnardo’s Scotland

Barnardo’s has protected and supported vulnerable children, young people and families across the UK for over 150 years. Through its 1,000+ services Barnardo’s aim to give them the safe, happy childhood regardless of their background and hope for a positive future. Barnardo’s North Lanarkshire Youth Housing Support Service works with 77 households (either individuals or families) who have presented as homeless or as in crisis.