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Chaleka's story

LandAid are proud to fund the second phase of St Basils' Live and Work Scheme Accommodation, with all funds raised from our LandAid Midlands 10K supporting this life-changing project.

A lack of affordable housing means that many young people, despite working and studying, simply can’t find anywhere suitable to live. In Birmingham, local charity St Basils is working to change this with their Live and Work Scheme, which is now in its second phase.

The scheme is aimed directly at young people like Chaleka, who before she came here was homeless. Even though she has a job, Chaleka still wasn’t able to afford local rent. But luckily St Basils’ Live and Work Scheme was here to help.

Chaleka now lives in a shared flat with other young people just like her. Living here gives her the support network she needs, and help to learn valuable life skills like cooking and budgeting. And because the rent is affordable, Chaleka is able to begin to save for a deposit so soon she’ll be able to move into a house of her own in the private rented sector.

Chaleka says: “I’ve lived in St Basils Live and Work for over a year and think this scheme has really worked for me. There is always honest support if and when I need it and the staff here are amazing. I share my flat with other young professionals so we all have similar goals. We often cook for each other and talk for hours.

"The live and work scheme is a great scheme for any young professional that has determination and wants to succeed. The next steps for me will be to move into my own flat which I am really excited for!”