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Every payday, you can give a young person like Nicole a safe place to live

Like 86,000 other young people across the UK today, Nicole wasn’t expecting to find herself facing homelessness. After a tough childhood, she managed to find a job and stand on her own two feet. But she never really recovered from the trauma of losing her father at 13, and going into care. When she split up with her partner, Nicole lost everything – apart from her hope.

Watch Nicole’s story

Nicole's story

By giving just £12 a month to LandAid – less than you probably spend on coffee each week – you can help a vulnerable young person facing homelessness find a safe place to live.

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The difference your money will make

Your £12 a month is going to have a vast impact. Every month you'll be helping more young people to get a safe, secure place to live - turning their lives around. On behalf of all of us at LandAid, I can't thank you enough.

Emily Hamilton, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager