Community Campus 87

Community Campus 87’s service users are finding the impact of COVID-19 very challenging. The majority of its clients normally live day to day, and are increasingly confused and anxious about their future.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £8,000 grant will cover the provision of welfare packages such as food, cleaning materials and toiletries to all Community Campus 87’s clients, as well as PPE for their stuff. These funds will also provide access to tablets to improve remote working and connectivity to its services for its clients.

Phase 2

This £11,500 phase two grant will allow Community Campus 87 to make bathroom alterations and create two en-suite bedrooms, remodelling existing bathroom arrangements to reduce shared space.   

About Community Campus 87

Community Campus 87 provide housing, support, advice and guidance to over 100 clients across the Tees Valley. The majority of clients that are part of their projects that work with are young homeless people.