Dan's story

The Wallich helps vulnerable young people secure suitable and affordable housing as a platform to achieve positive outcomes in education, training, employment, health and safer communities. 

LandAid’s £75,000 grant will enable The Wallich to renovate an existing property in Rhyl to develop a multi-use Hub for their services across North Wales.

The Hub will provide self-contained accommodation units for five young people, offering them 24-hour on-call support. It will also provide a dedicated, supportive and confidential environment to offer advice, support, counselling and mediation sessions in a suitable and welcoming environment.

This project will be funded by Pledge150.

Dan is just one of the young people The Wallich has helped. This is his story. 

Dan lost his father when he was just 9 years old – a trauma that he feels wasn't dealt with as a child and led to family conflict and substance misuse later in life.

Dan sadly found himself homeless when he was only 17 but now has a new lease of life after going through The Wallich’s accommodation and support services in Bridgend.

Dan joined our Bridgend 18-21 Young People’s Project. He was given a room and assigned a suitable support worker to help him come to terms with the experiences that led to his homelessness, support his recovery from substance misuse and build the confidence to live independently.

When the time was right, we enrolled Dan on our six-month Working In Sustainable Employment (WISE) course to boost his confidence, skills and employability and secured him a unique job placement with a media company.

Dan is now more settled. He’s moved out of our accommodation and into a privately rented flat, he has a child and the drive to get a good job.

With relevant and tailored support, Dan has broken the cycle of homelessness and is moving forward with his life.

'At Bridgend Young People’s Project, they support you with trying to get back on track with your life and get a little place of your own, in your own space. Getting my own space means the world.

'I’ve had loads of support from The Wallich to get off drugs, and they were the ones who referred me to drug and alcohol services to get better. It’s changed my life. There’s loads of other things, like they put me through non-smoking clinics, mental health support, they’ve even helped me with the dentist, when I had a fear of it.

'My support worker, Tracey, she was great. She’s like a happy person, very talkative. If we plan something, she encourages me to do it; which I think is better for me than being with a laid-back person.

'I was around people about the same age as me there and the people were sound, I made a few friends there.

'I’m so proud of myself for coming out of the other side. It’s an amazing feeling. I have a child now, who's changed my life, and I'm going to start playing rugby again - drugs ruined that for me when I was younger. I’m looking to go big for the future. I'm looking to settle down in a new place, in my own place, so I can have my child there and I’m on the look-out for a good job. The Wallich has been behind me 100%. It’s a long journey but I know now that I’m out the other side, I’m much happier now.'

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