Broadgate Tower Abseil

Part of LandAid Day 2013 - Mission Possible

Friday, September 20, 2013 - 09:00 Broadgate Tower, London

In September 2013 over 100 property professionals abseiled down the Broadgate Tower, kicking off a fortnight of LandAid Day 2013 - Mission Possible challenges.

Representatives of almost 90 organisations stepped out from the edge of the Broadgate Tower to make the incredibile 541ft (165 metre) descent to the ground. 

Sounds easy but it's a leap of faith from ground back to ground. Putting on the harness. Stepping out on the roof and the view across London. The reassuring sound of karabiners clipping on to rope. Take a short breath, lean back to let the rope take the strain, one vertical step facing backwards going down, another and you're off.

One of the top tips from abseilers was to "make sure you look around near the top to make the most of the view." Another one was: "whatever you do, don't look down!"

"It was an incredible day," said LandAid Chief Executive Joanna Averley, who also took the plunge. "To have so many people step forward to take on this personal challenge is great for LandAid. Having made the drop, I know first hand that it's a phenomenal experience to take on. Thanks to everyone who took part, raised sponsorship and to all their family, friends and colleagues who provided that sponsorship". 

The LandAid Day Broadgate Tower Abseil kicks off the annual LandAid Day fundraising celebrations when, on 10 October 2013, the property industry across the UK raises funds for LandAid. Grants are awarded to charities working with children and young people experiencing disadvantage. 

If you took part, you can purchase images from PurePix, with 10% of the cost being given to LandAid as a donation.