Christmas Lunch Auction

Monday, December 31, 2018 - 00:00

Use your Christmas lunch to raise money and help young people experiencing homelessness. 

Christmas is a time to be spent with loved ones and family, but so often the young people that LandAid’s charity partners support do not have the option to spend it with their family. 

Relationship breakdown is the biggest cause of youth homelessness, with thousands of young people leaving home because they feel unable to stay there, being forced out by families who disagree with their sexuality or for some there simply not being enough room for them any longer. For so many young people Christmas will be a lonely time.

An auction is an easy and fun way to fundraise and make a difference. Ask your friends and colleagues to submit prizes and auction them off between courses. All the money raised will go towards providing safe and affordable accommodation for vulnerable young people, helping them to reach their potential. 

To find out more information please download our handy guide here.

If you need anymore information please contact Catriona here.