LandAid Charity Visit: 42nd Street

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 - 11:00 Manchester

Mental health in young people often makes the news and solutions can be problematic given the complexity of causes.

42nd Street, located in the heart of Manchester, has been finding new and innovative ways to support young people under stress for the past 35 years. Operating from an architecturally-acclaimed premises, The Space, the charity delivers a unique programme of therapy, group work, arts-based activity, youth leadership and advocacy.

LandAid, in partnership with the Redevco Foundation, has awarded £100,000 to enable 42nd Street to respond to a 30% increase in demand for their services. LandAid’s funding will help to renovate a disused 3-storey shop, adjacent to The Space, which will be used by many young people experiencing mental health issues.

Join our charity visit on Tuesday 19 January 2015 11:00-12:30pm by emailing Elise Austin today. 

Charity visits are a great way for LandAid supporters to see first hand the fantastic work our charity partners do, and the lasting impact their generosity can have. Visits normally take 1-2 hours and are completely free to attend.