LandAid Charity Visit: Fight for Peace

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - 15:30 Newham, London

Young people living in Newham suffer from an axis of disadvantage. It is an area of high poverty, with 55.7% of young people living below the breadline; crime rates are astonishingly high, with one in four young people a victim of crime; and lack of skills and employment among the population is endemic.

Newham’s young people often live in isolated communities, with few social or recreational facilities available. In addition, Newham’s youth services budget was cut by 17% in 2012, with a further 25% cut in 2013. The socio-economic conditions present in Newham and neighbouring Boroughs compounded by a lack of state provision highlight the need for investment in young people to provide education and employment and prevent crime and violence.

LandAid is investing in Newham by providing a grant to the local charity Fight for Peace, which uses martial arts and boxes to instil discipline and self-respect as alternatives to crime and violence. A LandAid grant of £41,431 in 2013 funded the expansion and redevelopment of the charity’s premises to enable it to meet demand and work with 1,600 young people each year.

Join our charity visit on Tuesday 27 October 2015 15:30-17:30pm by emailing Elise Austin today. 

Charity visits are a great way for LandAid supporters to see first hand the fantastic work our charity partners do, and the lasting impact their generosity can have. Visits normally take 1-2 hours and are completely free to attend.