LandAid Charity Visit: Renew Leeds

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 15:30 Leeds, Yorkshire

Mainstream education isn’t easy for everyone. Pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, who face serious issues such as domestic violence, low income and poor self-esteem, can quickly find themselves disengaged with school. Comparisons of GCSE grades between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged pupils in the UK suggest that social and economic upbringing plays a significant role in academic achievement.

Rooted in the Leeds community, Renew Leeds work to prevent young people being permanently excluded from school. The organisation has an impressive 100% success rate in helping those at risk find alternative education, employment or training.

LandAid’s has donated a grant of £118,000 to Renew Leeds in order to create space for day-time Alternative Education delivery and after-school community activities. The newly-acquired building will be refurbished by the charity’s own social enterprise, Renewal Construction. Renew will offer young trainees the opportunity to gain experience, provide apprenticeship training and employ apprentices looking to kick-start their career in construction. 

Join our charity visit on Thursday 16 April 2015 by emailing Laureen Walsh, Events & Fundraising Manager today. 

Charity visits are a great way for LandAid supporters to see first hand the fantastic work our charity partners do, and the lasting impact their generosity can have. Visits normally take 1-2 hours and are completely free to attend.