Property vs Music Pub Quiz

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - 18:00

Join TrustedLand on 13 May from 6-8pm for their highly anticipated property and music quiz!

Supported by Developers Boardroom, the quiz can welcome up to 200 attendees. Get your music hat on and battle against the property industry to find out who really knows their stuff. If you’re more of a lone wolf you can compete individually, or if you prefer the support of your fellow quizzers, you can compete within a team.

Tickets are available from £10 to individuals and £30 for teams. Grab a beer and join us for the property and music quiz of the century!

All funds raised from the quiz will be donated to the LandAid COVID-19 Emergency Fund – all proceeds of which go to the incredible youth homelessness charities across the UK and the young, vulnerable people they support.

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