Joe's story

YMCA Lincolnshire, a locally governed youth charity, exists to help Lincolnshire people gain strength, resilience and skills to thrive and achieve their full potential.

LandAid’s £75,000 grant will enable them to create a new Nomad Centre facility, a direct access, emergency provision with specialist day provision, open 24 hours a day. 

The new facility will provide individual en-suite rooms of accommodation to remove barriers to engagement and provide dignity and privacy to aid in a restful night’s sleep.

Joe is just one of the young people YMCA Lincolnshire has helped. This is his story.

In 2019 Joe approached YMCA Lincolnshire for support as he was no longer able to live in the family home. From an early age he had grown up in difficult circumstances where alcohol had featured heavily in his immediate family and impacted upon Joe’s life. 

Joe had previously left the family home in his desire to become independent, however he struggled to manage his money and had to move back home as a result. By his own admission, he took advantage of his Mum’s nature and had become dependent on her to help him when times got hard.  

Joe arrived with YMCA Lincolnshire after it became impossible for him to remain living in the family home. As the result of Joe’s early life and circumstances he has faced, he now struggles with anxiety and depression, he also finds it difficult to socialise. Growing up in a household where alcohol was present has resulted in Joe facing his own battles with drinking in adulthood.   

YMCA Lincolnshire's Housing Team have worked intensively with Joe, ensuring he has access to specialist support from outside agencies and health care professionals.  Joe’s aspirations were always to return to employment and pursue his interests in the world of IT and the team have worked with him to ensure these aspirations become a reality; in spite of everything Joe has had to face, he has remained engaged and fully committed to improving his life-skills and choices.  

Earlier this year Joe applied for part-time work and was successful in securing a role in a local company. Later this month he will commence a course to improve his knowledge and develop his interest in the world of computers. 

Working with Joe has required a range of specialist support and YMCA Lincolnshire has worked collaboratively with various partners to make sure Joe has the best opportunities available to him in the future and stays focussed on the positives he has achieved on his journey with them so far. 

Joe has praised YMCA Lincolnshire for all that they have offered him and the opportunities that have been made available.