Property professionals donating their skills

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Sign-up to be part of LandAid’s pro bono programme

We know that this is a difficult and unprecedented time for us all. But across businesses many of our valued staff have been furloughed or have some time on their hands as things have slowed down commerically.

And on the other-side charities are struggling.

We’ve run a successful pro bono programme for a number of years, matching property skills to our charity partners needs. But now we’re looking to expand this programme in this time of need, and we’re currently asking our charity partners what they need help with.

If your business would be willing to donate some of its free time to help charities in the coming months, you can register your interest here.

Some of the skills we might be looking for are:

  • Property: lease negotiations and property law in order to help charities negotiate a rent-free period due to the pandemic
  • Law: incl charity and finance law as well as employment law
  • Communications
  • Logistics: how to get stuff to people
  • Project management: with an emphasis on change management
  • Temporary accommodation: accessing, negotiating, and turning it into short-term units during isolation
  • IT: loan or donate laptops, computers, printers, cables, furniture, and smartphones; advice on how to use technology for example skills building or anything to improve mental health, and also access to internet and data
  • Cleaning: facilities management, H&S teams with knowledge of protocols
  • Finance: how to access reserves/restricted funds and how this will impact on long-term finance: financial modelling, loan/debt advisory, planning and cost-benefit analysis
  • HR: managing redundancies, illness, possible changes to contracts etc
  • Business management and leadership: building resilience, adapting to change and strategic advice