COVID-19 is affecting every section of our lives.  

But for those of us who are now working from home, one thing we are saving is time and money on our commutes.  

Whilst we may all be sick of the sight of our own four walls, LandAid wanted to give you the opportunity to contribute the equivalent of your travel fare to support the many young people in need. 

#ContributeYourCommute here.

Option 1) Donate the cost of your daily commute - £8  

£8 could pay for phone credit so a young person can stay in touch with their support worker, family and friends 

Option 2) Donate the cost of your weekly commute - £36.10 

£36.10 could pay for a weekly shop for a young person 

Option 3) Donate the cost of your monthly commute - £130 

£130 could pay for: three sessions with a mental health support worker, to help fight social isolation 

Option 4) Donate an amount of your choice 


Donate to the LandAid COVID-19 Emergency Fund today