Partner since: 2005

Amount raised in 2018-19: £48,224

LandSec’s relationship with LandAid began in 2005, and since then they have raised invaluable funds, helping vulnerable young people to turn their lives around.

The funds they raised in 2018/19 alone were enough to sponsor a two-bed property for homeless young people, bringing it back to life, and helping young people turn their lives around. LandSec also donated more than £10,000 to our Grenfell Tower appeal which raised more than £250,000, all of which went directly to the British Red Cross’ London Fire Relief Fund.

LandSec is the largest commercial property development and investment company in the UK, and LandAid is extremely excited about the prospect of working more closely with them to deliver an even more impactful strategic partnership in the future. Find out more here.