Mhairi's story

When a young person leaves the care system, they can feel isolated and unprepared to face the world on their own. This places them at greater risk of homelessness. Studies show two out of three care leavers will be without a home at some point in their lives.

When Mhairi left care, she was helped to transition to independence with St Christopher’s ‘Staying Close’ model. After moving out of her children’s home, she was able to move into nearby semi-independent accommodation with the help of staff. They supported her with budgeting and Mhairi knew that they were close by, so she could always discuss any difficulties she was having. She never felt alone.

Mhairi has now been supported to move into her own flat. She says: “It’s been a long journey and sometimes it felt like it was never going to happen or that I wouldn’t be able to cope but I made it. I have my own flat; my own space and things are really good.”