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Why don’t we include society’s visible invisibles in our masterplans?

I love architects' designs. As a child I spent hours drawing my perfect' house. It was exactly how I wanted it. So, when I see those beautiful brochures of new developments - master-plans proclaiming places people should want to live, work and play in, I'm back in my bedroom with paper and coloured pencils. Sculpted trees, litter-free streets, little traffic, blue skies. It's how we want it to be.

How Giroscope are turning empty houses into homes

One of the many amazing charity partners we work with is Giroscope in Hull. As it is Empty Homes Week this week, we thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight the work Giroscope do in buying and renovating empty homes. Not only do they make the properties into usable accommodation, they also encourage volunteers and prospective tenants to help in the renovation project, giving them a greater sense of ownership of the property.

How spreading good work will make a difference to communities

Since joining Action on Empty Homes as Director in August, I have had my sights firmly fixed on delivering Empty Homes Week. We organise Empty Homes Week to give local authorities the chance to celebrate successes and reflect on what more needs to be done to bring empty properties back into use. It also gives a focus for national and local media to report on the issue, and this in turn pushes empty homes up the policymaking agenda.

Why every kilometre you log for Steptober is Worth The Walk

Today is the first day of Steptober: the first ever property industry-wide step challenge! As the newest member of LandAid's Events and Fundraising team, it's been inspiring to work on Steptober for my first event - I'm already bowled over by the enthusiasm and zeal of our supporters. We've already got more than 130 teams and more than 500 people signed up - which is a crazy number! That's a whole lot of steps about to be logged...

Five reasons to attend Proptoberfest you might not have known about

One of the only plus points of summer drawing to an end is the fact that Oktoberfest season is now upon us. And if you wanted a more property-oriented take on the traditional beer festival, you need look no further than Proptoberfest. The event is the brainchild of Completely Events and is in support of LandAid, featuring Bavarian beer, lots of lederhosen and a positive, party atmosphere. If those facts alone weren't enough to pique your interest, then we've put together this blog listing even more reasons why you've got to get down to Proptoberfest on October 4. You can find out more here.