Putting homes first: our new focus

Paul Morrish | 03.04.17

What does home mean to you?

Focus more, achieve more.

It’s a view close to our hearts here at LandAid. A year ago we set out to achieve lasting change with a clear goal in mind: to end youth homelessness. This in itself had us concentrating our efforts on one pressing issue. But over the year, we recognised the need to focus even further.

We are convinced that as the property industry charity our greatest contribution to tackling youth homelessness is by providing homes. That’s why over the next three years, our aim will be to provide at least 450 bedspaces specifically for young people.

A home is the bedrock on which we all build our lives. And you only need to hear some of the young people in our new video, funded by Mace, to realise just how true this is. For Niki, a home is "a place to get away from your problems", for Tia it’s "somewhere to feel normal again" and for Summer home means "being with loved ones".

Safety, comfort, relationships – the basic needs of life. Yet too many young people don’t have a roof over their heads, and so can’t pursue these things.

We want to change that. Our response to youth homelessness, our fundraising, our grant making, and much of our pro bono activity will for the next three years focus on giving hundreds of young people a place to be warm, be safe and be themselves.

As The Duke of Cambridge said at our recent Gala Dinner, "Don't underestimate your power to do immense good". Focus on the challenge of youth homelessness, work with us, and we can make an extraordinary difference.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll tell you more about our three-year plan. If you’re already a supporter, thank you. And if you’re not yet, find out how you can get involved. Youth homelessness is an avoidable and unnecessary tragedy. You can help end it for good.