Oasis Community Housing

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Oasis’s crisis centre’s were forced to close on 27 March. They are currently working with the local authorities to ensure all rough sleepers were housed in local hotels. For Oasis’s young people, having to self-isolate whilst dealing with addiction, mental health issues and shared housing have made their living situations extremely difficult.

LandAid’s £10,000 grant will cover safe travel to their projects and isolation support,. sSuch as 4G dongles, Chromebooks and Netflix accounts for their housing projects. In normal circumstances, these resources may have been a luxury, h. However, many of their residents must remain their rooms with no television or radio. This will ensure they have access to entertainment, reduce tension and enable staff to manage relationships in their housing projects.

About Oasis Community Housing

Oasis Community Housing is a charity with its roots in Gateshead, founded in 1984. Their main business is providing housing and support to people facing homelessness.