Our Impact

Last year, we gave over £1m in emergency funding to charities across the UK. 

In Phase 1 of the LandAid Emergency COVID-19 fund we gave out grants of up to £10,000 to charities to help continue to support young people during the first lockdown.

These funds included grants for food shops, bills and essential PPE. Phase 2 of this fund was dedicated to funding capital and digital projects of up to £20,000. These grants created safe and socially distanced spaces for young people, such as kitchens and showers, as well as implementing vital Wi-Fi to sites. 

Our core grants fund mainly capital projects to renovate existing or create new safe, secure and affordable accommodation for young homeless people. 

We also run a pro bono programme which matches the professional skills of our supporters with charities to help them save money and create greater impact in their communities. You can find out more about the programme here.

Over the next three-years we plan to create 1,000 homes for young people and increase the value of our pro bono programme to over £1m per annum.

What does home mean to you?