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The LandAid COVID-19 Emergency has now given out around £700,000 in emergency grants to over 80 charities across the UK. You can find out about the grants given out so far here.

LandAid is now welcoming applications for phase 2 grants from the Emergency Fund.  Charity partners who received a grant in phase 1 can now apply for up to a second grant of up to £20,000 to help the meet the needs of organisations as they transition into the world beyond Covid-19.

We are only accepting applications from organisations who received a grant in phase 1.

What you can apply for:
Our charity partners can apply for grants of up to £20,000 for:

  • Capital repurposing projects – space may need to be adapted or repurposed to ensure that young people can continue to benefit from services. You can apply for funding for small building/capital works that adapt your buildings and ensures the continued delivery of your services for young homeless people
  • Data and technological solutions – new ways of working have emerged throughout lockdown and charity partners have reported to us that to take full advantage of these technological advances their computer systems need an overhaul. You can apply for a grant to improve your IT and systems which will ultimately improve the connection that young people have with you, whether that be remote or direct
  • Projects being covered through our pro bono panel that need additional financial support.

For more information about what you can apply for, please get in touch with the Grants Team here.

What you cannot apply for:

  • Fundraising shortfalls due to Covid-19 
  • Salary costs

How the process works: 

  • Please submit you application by completing this short form. The application process should not take longer than an hour. 
  • Applications will be reviewed monthly
  • Subject to funds being available grants will be given out monthly
  • Applications close on Tuesday 24 November

If you have any questions please get in touch with our Grants Team

Unfortunately, this fund is now closed to applications. Thank you.