Apply for funding

We are delighted to announce that LandAid is launching our Emergency Accommodation Appeal towards the end of April. 

We will ask our corporate partners to directly support an initial set of 6-8 projects. 

We will gather these projects throughout March - and we will work with our Grants Committee to create a shortlist of projects we will look to raise funds for. These projects will be promoted on our website with content and stories from our charity partners. 

Our shortlist of projects is likely to be geographically diverse. It will help us to highlight a range of different approaches in providing emergency accommodation. Projects that we shortlist will likely require between £20k and £100k of funding, which we will then raise from LandAid’s corporate supporters.

We want you to tell us what urgent accommodation needs the young people you support are facing right now – and we want to hear about the ideas that you (and your young people) have to help tackle and alleviate those needs.

Some of our charity partners will know of buildings and space that they can immediately access if they had a capital injection to refurbish or renovate the space; others will know of hotels or temporary accommodation that they could access if they had the revenue funding to support an emergency response. Some charity partners will suggest that being able to develop their rent deposit schemes will quickly help to find homes for young people whilst others will look to grow their nightstop services. Undoubtedly, you will have lots of ideas, many of which we won’t know about right now.

If selected, our Comms Team will support you to create the content and stories to include on our website – this could include testimonials, photos of the project, stories from young people and video content. This will be an ongoing process throughout our fundraising with regular updates required. The LandAid Team is happy to support you with all of the above.

 We’ll also work with you to see if we are able to help achieve your ideas through our pro bono programme – this could include a donation of space or professional expertise from our network, to support you to find the most effective solution to the issue of youth homelessness. 

 Our Programmes & Impact Team will work closely with you to develop an effective and comprehensive budget for the project, which enables us to fundraise to achieve your objectives. 

Should you have any questions about this opportunity in advance of submitting your ideas then please do not hesitate to contact our Grants Team.

This application period is now closed.