The LandAid COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Youth homelessness hasn't stopped. 

The LandAid COVID-19 Emergency Fund has now given £1 million in small emergency grants of up to £10,000 to over 70 charities across the country. This has had a huge impact on charities and young people.  

Find out about all the grants the Fund has given here. 

A huge thanks to LandAid supporters and the wider industry, we have now raised over £1m in funding to directly help young people through this crisis.  

The LandAid Fund has helped thousands young people across the UK to survive this crisis.  Thanks to the our supporters, homelessness charities across the UK are able to give young people vital financial and emotional support at a time they needed it most.  

The LandAid COVID-19 Emergency Fund has changed lives. 

But as we all know, this crisis isn’t over, and LandAid remains committed to continuing to supporting charities through it. As needs are changing, the grants that the Fund are giving out are adapting – as charities move towards needing to ensure that their services are able to weather this storm for the longer-term. We will continue to give grants from the Fund to enable charities up and down the country to provide vital support and meet the needs of young homeless people through this crisis.