Kirk's story

Kirk moved into the Newark Emmaus Trust’s accommodation in August 2017, at the same time his girlfriend found out that she was pregnant, she was sharing accommodation that did not allow children so applied to be housed in one of NET’s mum and baby flats.

In consultation with Social Care, NET provided 6 Parenting Awareness training workshops to assist the couple to develop the skills that they would need to care safely for their baby when it was born.  Kirk was able to develop his independent living skills and with his girlfriend attended the agreed Parenting Awareness training modules.

Kirk joined in with many of the social activities organised by NET and learnt new practical skills including, how to complete small maintenance jobs as well as painting and decorating.  Kirk completed volunteering work at the Canal and Rivers’ Trust and as a keen cook, he also volunteered at a community café scheme, that provided meals for homeless rough sleepers.

Kirk said,”NET has helped me though a very tough time in my life and without the staff support l wouldn’t be where l am now”. “I have learnt new skills that have given me the self-confidence to move forward and we no longer have any Social Care involvement. We’re really happy with our new house and love having lots of space now that our daughter is on the move; it’s also nice that she has her own bedroom”. 

Find out more about our work with Newark Emmaus Trust here. 

*Kirk's name has been changed to protect his identity.