Natalia's story

Natalia* became homeless because of overcrowding and a total breakdown of the relationship with her mother. After months trying to avoid sleeping on the streets, she received help form New Horizon, a LandAid funded day centre.

As so many homeless young people, Natalia was always trying to keep her life on track and is extremely capable. With New Horizon’s help Natalia was able to pay one month’s deposit via the YPRS (young private rental sector) to secure her to secure her an affordable room in a private rented house.

Unfortunately, since Natalia moved into her accommodation, her employer changed her contract and circumstances, so that she is now on a zero hours’ contract with fare fewer hours and a lower income. She is now working with New Horizon’s Employment, Education and Training (EET) team for help with her employment, making sure she can also stay in college and pay her rent until she manages to get full time employment again.

Natalia is an extremely focused young woman who takes her changing circumstances in her stride. She feels much more settled, secure, and supported, and that she is able to focus on her future now that she is in stable and affordable accommodation.

Without the assistance from New Horizon, Natalia would still be moving around from sofa to sofa, paying people to stay at their houses and unable to save upfront costs to access any place to be and feel at home.

Find out more about our work with New Horizon Youth Centre here.  

Natalia's name has been changed to protect her identity.