Roundabout Ltd

The young people Roundabout supports have struggled in light of COVID-19. Roundabout’s staff have found it a challenge to get young people to self-isolate, especially those living in shared accommodation. It has already had a handful of young people test positive for the virus, and locating a safe space to self-isolate has proved very difficult.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £10,000 grant will provide more self-contained accommodation for those living in a shared space. It will also help cover extra staff costs to ensure the young people living in self-contained flats will be safe at night.

Phase 2

This £20,000 phase two grant will help to adapt some of the original plans for the refurbishment of the group living project at 55 Glencoe Road. Ensuring Covid compliance will provide a safe place for up to 14 young people every year to grow in confidence and learn the skills they need to move forward to live independently. In addition, using this grant, fob access for the front door has been adapted to reduce the need for touch. 

About Roundabout Ltd

Roundabout is an organisation that houses and supports young people aged 16-25 who are homeless or in housing need. It runs emergency hostels in Sheffield and Rotherham and supports over 250 young people across all our services at any one time.