Partner since: 2015

Amount raised in 2018-19: £31,080

Shaftesbury has been giving its invaluable support to LandAid since 2015.

The company runs a bi-annual Treasure Hunt to raise money for LandAid. Last year’s hunt raised £17,500 for the RICS Pledge 150 campaign, which went towards the YMCA Thames Gateway project.

The project is helping to create 30 homes for vulnerable young people, with each resident given a primary and secondary support worker to help them develop the skills and confidence to live independently.

Shaftesbury also took part in our Sponsor A Home Initiative, raising money which will help fund YMCA North Tyneside’s ‘Safe, Secure and Suitable Accommodation’ project in North Shields, which made nine homes for vulnerable young people, who also participated in working on the properties, gaining valuable life skills and experience.

Shaftesbury is a real estate investment trust which invests exclusively in the liveliest parts of London’s West End. Its objvective is to deliver long-term growth in rental income, capital values and shareholder returns.