Shelter From The Storm

In light of COVID-19, Shelter’s guests are currently in funded hotel accomodation. Shelter continues to provide its support services to its guests, including counselling.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £10,000 grant will help the shelter enforce social distancing. This includes split screens in communal areas, a one way system around the shelter and PPE for all.

Phase 2

This £20,000 phase two grant will help fund the purchase and installation of a new shop front so that, when social distancing eases, Shelter From The Storm can open its retail unit and accommodate all the guests in the original dormitories. The grant will also go towards the provision of training, volunteering and employment opportunities for young people in the shop, as well as a bike repair facility, engaging both the shelter’s young guests and also young people from the neighbourhood.  

About Shelter From The Storm

Shelter From The Storm’s mission is to house and support the homeless in London whoever they are, wherever they come from.