Simon Community NI

Simon Community NI’s young people have been hit hard by COVID-19. 80% of its clients already have complex needs such as mental health and addiction houses, which makes self-isolation extremely difficult.

Phase 1

LandAid’s £9,768 grant will help cover a range of support packages. These include cooking classes, mental health and well-being packages, hygiene packs and an emergency clothing fund.

Phase 2

This £19,077 phase two grant will enable Simon Community to paint and refloor 20 of its bedsits most in need. The Community will also be able to provide new furniture since during the six -month lockdown the furniture has seen significant wear and tear, and occasional damage, due to young people’s deteriorating mental health, at this time. The grant will also be used to install a small television in each bedsit. This improved physical environment will mitigate issues of emotional distress and support wellbeing and recovery.  

About Simon Community NI

Simon Community NI is Northern Ireland’s leading homeless charity. It helps over 3000 people every year across 21 accommodation projects and nine specialist homelessness services based across Northern Ireland.