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About the Organisation

New Horizon Youth Centre (“NHYC”) is a day centre working with young people who are vulnerable, homeless or at risk. The charity aims to enable young people to gain skills and knowledge to improve their life chances and to help them move from adolescence into adulthood. They work with some very disadvantaged young people, many of whom have poor self-esteem, low confidence, a history of rejection, harm and abuse and often carry profoundly negative experiences of organisations, structures and the helping professions generally.

Depaul UK is one of the largest homelessness charities in the UK, working alongside young people facing homelessness for more than 30 years. They offer accommodation, practical support and the wellbeing resources that young people need to get back on their feet.

Both NHYC and Depaul are experienced providers of support to young homeless people, with the latter also having a long and successful track record of managing supported accommodation projects.

Request details

NHYC and Depaul are looking for a new site for “Hotel 1824” – their joint emergency accommodation project for 18-24 year olds sleeping rough, supported by the Greater London Authority and London Councils.

Depaul run the property and provide 24/7 onsite support workers. New Horizon provide street outreach and offer specialist advice, counselling, healthcare, independent life skills development, education and employment support and help residents into move-on accommodation. Up to 350 young people are expected to benefit from Hotel 1824 in its first year.

The charities would be very grateful for any offers of support from agents to help them with their search, or suggestions or referrals to possible sites and property owners from LandAid pro bono network members.

A brief summary of the desired property specification is included below, but we would be very happy to introduce any interested parties to the charities to find out more.

  • Central London zones preferred (but prepared to look further for correct property)
  • Good public transport travel links are essential for residents and staff
  • 30-50 beds venue sought (e.g. vacant care home, old hotel or student accommodation)
  • Single rooms with en-suite preferred (but shared bathrooms also considered)
  • Reception-type area, some office space and/or some communal space preferred
  • Costs/rent negotiable (currently pay +/- £15per room per night)
  • Available from April 2022 – for one year minimum, possibly two (negotiable)


The current Hotel 1824 location, a refurbished 40-bed hotel in West London, is available until the end of March 2023 only, so the charities would be looking to occupy the new site in or around April 2023.

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