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Property Search – c.4,000 sq ft


About the Organisation


An innovative LGBTQ+ mental health charity based in East London, ELOP was established 26 years ago as a grassroots and community-led organisation with the aim of promoting the mental health, wellbeing, empowerment and equality of LGBTQ+ communities. Since our inception, ELOP has provided information, advice, advocacy, counselling and support services, plus other social and community activities and events. We employ 10 staff and are supported by many volunteers, including 44 professional counsellors.

We operate a holistic approach which aims to recognise and address the concerns of a person’s ‘whole self’, whether these are mental, psychological, emotional, physical, social, or even community. Through offering a range of services, ELOP can inter-refer people for additional support, information and advice as appropriate.

Our services include:

  • Mental health: low-cost counselling, mental health crisis prevention & support service, LBT women’s trauma support group, LGBTQ+ mental health support group
  • Dedicated wellbeing services: groups for 50+, 18-25’s, men’s dance/exercise programme, men’s walk and talk sessions, asylum seekers, women, and families
  • Dedicated youth services: 1:1 mentoring, 12-15s and 15-18s groups
  • Education and training consultancy and support: aimed at fellow professionals and those seeking to enhance their understanding of issues facing LGBTQ+ communities. Includes one-off workshops, consultation, and courses

Request details

ELOP’s current premises in East London need remodelling and are no longer suitable for their needs.

They are also subject to a tenancy at will. Whilst this suited them initially, the charity is now far more established, and this insecurity means they are reluctant to develop the current space for service users. Not least because the current Landlord has permission to redevelop the building.

As such, ELOP would be very grateful for offers of pro bono support to help them identify suitable alternative property to occupy in East London. The charity has a limited budget for rent, as well as for refurbishments and alterations.

New premises will enable them to fully realise their potential and provide a secure, long-term, comfortable, and fitting space for their organisation, and more importantly to better deliver their trauma-informed services. Service-users will benefit significantly from an environment that creates a sense of safety and ownership and helps them to feel welcome and less isolated.

Whilst they deliver services across London, ELOP is the only dedicated LGBTQ+ mental health service in East London, so they are keen to remain in the area. Although they are flexible about exactly where.

The charity’s needs include a space of approx. 4000 sq. feet with multiple room sizes (required number and measurements of rooms available), near good transport links and with consideration given to community safety. Scope for sound proofing to ensure confidentiality is also important.


There is no fixed deadline, but the charity are keen to move ASAP given the above circumstances.

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