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NORTH WEST – Lancaster

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NeuroDropIn is a charity that provides a unique place in Lancaster for people affected by a neurological condition and their families, such as multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, epilepsy, dementia, cerebral palsy, Huntington’s disease, ME, MG, MSA and acquired brain injury.

This award-winning, registered charity provides a friendly, accessible and open place for those affected by neurological conditions. Whether newly diagnosed or having lived with a condition for a long time, NeuroDropIn is a friendly place for people to meet with others that may have the same or similar conditions, get support, attend classes, enhance their wellbeing and relax.

The charity is small with a team of 4 staff and a dedicated group of volunteers. They currently support around 100 people a week with services that include:

  • A pop-up café serving as a meeting and social space
  • Wellbeing services e.g. mindfulness sessions, art classes and meditation
  • Classes and groups – Neuro Re-set Fitness, Neuro Re-set Yoga, Movement with Dr Mel
  • Singing for wellbeing and more online classes
  • Volunteer opportunities within awareness raising and fundraising

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In January 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, NeuroDropIn was given notice to vacate their operating space after occupying it for 7 years. They had been based there under a peppercorn rent and the owners decided they would like to develop the premises.

Having found themselves without a base, they were offered temporary space at a local church, which they are still utilising. This space is far from ideal as it is shared with a number of other organisations, meaning that the charity is required to set-up and take down their facilities on a regular basis. As a result, their capacity and service offering has been seriously restricted, causing disruption to service users for whom it is vital that this space of care and respite is stable and familiar to them. The charity is therefore very eager to take sole occupancy of a more permanent space once again.

The dream scenario for NeuroDropIn would be to identify some available land and build their own premises which would enable them to create a purpose-built space which serves the needs of their users as well as possible. However, they are also open to finding and adapting a suitable existing building.

The charity would be very grateful for offers of pro bono support to help them explore the options available to them in building or remodelling a new premises and take them through the process of initiating a capital project, including identifying costs and advising on possible funding models.

To enable the charity to continue supporting their existing users, the new premises needs to be in/around Lancaster or Morecambe.


ASAP – NeuroDropIn is eager to find a new space as soon as possible.

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